and Toy Maintainance

Maintainance of the toys

Most of the toys can be ordered in a variety of woods. The following are woods used in the pictures seen here: Alder, Cedar, Black Walnut, Maple, and Oak.

I try to select quality woods for the toys, but maintaining them is important to keep them in good condition for years to come.

They have been coated with mineral oil which is non-toxic and will seal the dirt out, but is still lets the wood breathe. Staining may occur if the toy gets water on it. A light sanding and then another coat of mineral oil will bring back the look of a new toy. It is advisable to treat the wood with oil periodically. Rubbing the oil in by hand will leave a shine and a better finish.

If the toy breaks it can be repaired with a good quality wood glue. Be sure to remove all excess glue prior to the application of more oil.



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